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Run Hannah Run

Some might say that running is a punishment, but for junior Hannah Brown, running is a passion. She has been in track since the seventh grade.

“I love running,” said Brown.

Though it is off season, Hannah is always working out and staying in shape for the spring sport. She does a winter club team to stay on top of her game and has a YMCA membership.

“Off season is just as important as the actual season,” said Brown. “Working out is pretty much required if you want to be good.”

Other than relays, track is an individual sport. Everyone has other field events they participate in and each individual has their best quality. But being a positive team player is also very important.

“You cheer and support everyone, even if they lose,” said Brown.

As a freshman, Hannah was on varsity. One of her favorite memories was making it to sectionals that year.

“Even though we didn’t win, we were still so happy to be there,” said Brown. “It was amazing.”

Being the only member in her family to ever run track, Brown’s  mom is very proud and supports her athletic career.

Referring to her mom, Brown said, “She’s so happy I’m doing something productive with my life.”

Brown’s love for track has turned into a hope for a scholarship. She was varsity her first two years of high school and has many metals from events throughout the years.

“My favorite award is my plaque from sectionals,” said Brown.

Another important aspect of the sport are the coaches.

“Coaches make us a good team, even though they push us passed out limit it makes us better,” said Brown. “I appreciate them.”

Brown  is apprehensive of the 2013 track season. She thinks that because of the loss of two senior girls, the relays might struggle, but she keeps her hopes high.

“This year could go either way,” Brown said, “but I’m ready and prepared.”