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Movie Madness: The top Five Overrated Films of All Time

Usually I tend to agree with the general public on the greatness of a film. But sometimes we have majorly different opinions. Here’s a list of five films that are completely overrated.

5) The King’s Speech 2010

At the 82nd Academy Awards “The King’s Speech” came up big with four Oscars. It’s a good film, don’t get me wrong, but should it win four Oscars? Absolutely not. Critics adore this film, audiences loved it, and I don’t care for it. I don’t hate “The King’s Speech” like some of the other films on this list, but I am certainly not a fan. The performances of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are respectable, but are also blown out of proportion. People act like they gave the greatest performances of all time! It gets under my skin when people ooze over this “inspirational” movie.

4) Airplane, 1980

When I rented this film, I had high hopes. I had heard nothing but positive things, and was really excited. I laughed all right. But at the stupidity of this film, not funny one-liners. It frustrated me enormously, enough that I had to stop watching. Roger Moore makes a complete fool of himself, and not in the right way. This is a movie filled with terrible performances, terrible jokes, and a terrible plot. I can’t stand it.

3) The Artist, 2011

This is not a film I loathe, but its greatness is highly exaggerated. The movie is extremely gimmicky. It feels like they want to start a revolution of going back to silent films. Now I am an accomplished movie watcher. I’ve seen hundreds of movies, many black and white, and some silent. So it’s not like I am not a cultured moviegoer, because I love older films, much more than films today, but this film is not a good one. To make matters worse, this was one of the most joyless movies I’ve ever watched. I didn’t laugh, wasn’t touched or moved by any performance. It was just a disappointing experience.

Avatar, 2009

Avatar takes one of the most basic plots in the book and brings nothing new to the table. Of course the visuals are amazing, probably the best in cinema history. But the plot is so overused (Take a look at “Pocahontas”). The white hero comes to take over a specific group of people, and eventually befriends them and ends up saving them, eventually turning against his former people. I’m yawning. The portrayals are average, and with a plot like this, you have to have more qualities than visuals to save yourself. This is where Avatar fails.

On the Waterfront, 1954

Words cannot begin to describe my intense hatred for this “film”. Critics everywhere rank it as one of the 10 best of all time, and it makes my skin crawl. Marlon Brando by far gives his worst performance. The plot is awful. I end up hating everybody in this movie. I felt like I was being tortured after five minutes in. It was such joyless film, with boring performances, and an awful plot. It’s pathetic really. I hate this movie FAR more than any other.

If you hear great things about these films, run away, and save yourself the 2 hours. Trust me. You’re far better off spending your time watching ANYTHING else.