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Be My Big Brother

Photo by CBS

 With the Big Brother season 14 finally coming to an end, it’s safe to say that it was most defiantly an exciting, deadly season with many surprises and twists.

Big Brother is a reality television show, created by John de Mol, which airs on CBS. The show features 12-16 house guests that stay together, away from society, for about three months. The contests compete in a head of house hold competition, veto competition, and other challenges weekly. Each week there is an eviction ceremony where house guests are voted out and must leave the big brother house. This happens until there are only two house guests left because then the winner is voted on by the jury house (house guests previously voted out).

The variety of people on this season made every episode super interesting. This season was a little different due to the fact that at the beginning of the season the contestants had coaches, people who had competed in earlier seasons. Later in the game the coaches became players as one of the games many twists. One of the more talked about house guests was Frank Eudy. All the other house guests had been against Frank since the beginning of the season because he was such a strong competitor. Almost every week Frank had to win to save himself from being the next to leave to Big Brother house, and he did it too. Another well-known house guest was former coach, Dan Gheesling. To make his way to the final three Dan had to continuously stab his alliance members in the back and lie to everyone in the house. Although I don’t really like him, in my opinion Dan is one of the best contests to ever compete in the Big Brother game.

In the finale, Dan and braniac Ian Terry were left as the finale two. In a vote of 6-1 Ian beat Dan and won the $500,000 grand prize.