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The Beginning

Welcome to the beginning of the Otaku Rush blog, where I shall be updating you on everything anime and manga, from reviews on the ones I watch/read, to news of anime conventions.

For the first Otaku Rush, I shall be telling you of Motaku, an anime convention that happened on the date of August 17th through 19th.

Motaku had a great many of panels including thing such as a tea party with the Phantomhive’s and a panel on Ouran High School Host Club. They have different voice actors every year, this year they even had a samurai, known as Samurai Dan, who will also be a special guest next year.

Now, Motaku isn’t just about anime and manga, they have panels on such things like voice acting, and game creating, they even have cosplayers that dress up in Halo spartan armor and other gaming outfits. If your more of a comic book person yourself, they even have comic’s and other such things including a Deadpool cosplayer. And for those of you that like staying up all hours of the night, thats when one of the best parts of cons comes into play, the rave. Everyone loves the raves at Motaku, and everyone that can, go’s. They always have great dj’s there and the general music is techno, dubsteb, hardcore, and nightcore.

Overall I thought Motaku was great, I saw a lot of great cosplayer’s and one of the best things of conventions in all is making friends, you meet so many people that have the same interests as you, that you feel like you double the amount of friends you had, every time you go.

So, for those of you wondering what to do over a weekend, the next Motaku is August 16th – 18th, 2013,┬ábe their, or be a normie.