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Advancing with the Change

Imagine a world without social media; only face to face contact. There were no phones, no internet, only hand written letters. Most people in today’s world can’t fathom what this would be like.

We are constantly on the move with advances in technology at our fingertips. Our expectations of technology have skyrocketed in the past 10 years. Satisfaction among people in this generation is hard to come by with all the updates of technology.

It all started out with Xanga where you could create your own website and interact with all your friends.

“I loved Xanga,” said Hanna Franklin, junior. “I thought I was the coolest because I had one and I could talk to my friends on the computer whenever I wanted.”

As popular as Xanga was, it was really just a phase that soon disappeared and changed to something new: MySpace.

With constant advances in technology, MySpace was very similar to Xanga except it had a few more features. On MySpace, you could design your own layout, upload pictures, chat with your friends and pick a song for your profile that everyone could listen to.

“My favorite part about MySpace was how you could pick your “top friends” and change your layout whenever you wanted,” said Mycah Russell [junior].

Slowly, MySpace’s numbers started decreasing while other sites became more popular. The messy layouts and inconvenience had MySpace members looking for a faster update.

Pictures are also a very effective way of catching up on trends and keeping in contact with all your old friends. Instagram is one of the newest social media sites.

“I think through pictures you can personalize your post a lot more,” said Sara Parolin [sophomore].

A lot of people are posting their Instagram photos through Twitter: one of the newest trend sites. On Twitter you are able to update a status or “tweet” of 140 characters or less.

“I have at least 15 tweets a day,” said Skylar Rolstad, junior.

Rolstad has had his Twitter for two years but didn’t use it as frequently till this past summer when the site got popular.

On Twitter you have followers and you are able to follow your friends. Instead of liking someone’s tweet you re tweet it so that your followers can read it.

“I don’t really care about how many followers I have,” said Rolstad. “I use it to get news.”

With new apps, games and sites popping up every day, along with constant updates of what already exists, trends are always evolving and what we can’t fathom living without today will soon be yesterday’s news.

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