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A Summer in (Sporting) KC

Photo by Robert Pollan

Kansas City’s Sporting KC will attract many new fans this summer

When people talk about sports teams in Kansas City, there isn’t much to get excited about. However, thanks to the arrival of the Sporting KC soccer club, they can barely wait to get into the game.

“It’s a fun atmosphere,” said Skylar Rolstad, junior,  a super fan of Sporting who has season tickets and arrives to every home game at least three hours early. “They are the best sports team in the city, only winning team, too.”

Although Sporting is only in its sophomore season at Kansas City, the team was formerly known as the Wizards for more than 15 seasons. The Wizards name died and a new era began when Livestrong Sporting Park, one of the most technologically advanced soccer-specific stadiums in the country, was built.

Some of the most sought after sections at Livestrong Sporting Park would include the chaotic and ear-bleeding sections the KC Cauldron and Blue Hell.

“They are always the ones who start the chants and cuss at all the opposing players,” said Josh Hall, sophomore, who also has season tickets for the club and plays on the Junior Sporting KC team.

With a little more than 15 games at home for Sporting this season, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and see the action this summer and into next fall with the season possibly ending in November.

“It’s all about the game. It’s the main attraction and everyone is excited about the team and their success,” said Rolstad, sporting his very own SKC gray performance shirt

Not only does the stadium include the Cauldron and Blue Hell, but also a South Stand which seats the season ticket holders such as Rolstad and Hall. To the left of that is the Budweiser Corner with tickets around $60-$70 that get access to a variety of food options and drinks for free, as well as a porch-like setting with bar high tables and stools to watch the game.

With tickets ranging from $20, for the Members’ Stand, and as high as $70 for the Bud Corner, taking family outings throughout the summer can be affordable yet still enjoyable for all families.

Marc DeJesus, junior, who normally sits in the Members’ Stand, said, “I like to be right next to the action. It makes the whole experience better and more fun to be around.”  

Other than the game, however, there isn’t much to do inside of the stadium. But before and after the games is when people have the most fun.

Rolstad, who not only comes to every game early but also stays two to three hours late, has had chances to meet many premier athletes such as Landon Donovan by staying after the action ends.

“I was out by where the players walk to their cars and I saw Landon after a match with the LA Galaxy. He stopped and I got to talk to him for a while, it was a pretty cool experience,” said Rolstad, who has also met nearly every member of the Sporting team.

Yet another attraction near the soccer stadium is the Legends shopping area which features a variety of stores and restaurants for any age.    

“It’s better than anything I have ever been to before. I get so excited everytime I go to a game..even before it starts,” said Cooper Saunders, freshman.

If you are looking for an experience that no other soccer team in the country, or even any sports team in the Kansas City area can match, Livestrong Park is where it’s at.

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