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“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Captivates Audiences

Mystery, topnotch acting and an amazing story line what more could you ask for?

I have been pouring out my heart to everyone that will listen about what a masterpiece the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is. First off I have to say Lisabeth Salander is my hero. Sure, she may have the edgy look that says ‘I am a bad a**,’ but she has the attitude to match it as well.

 I suppose before I get too caught up on expressing my opinion on what an amazing character she is, I should probably tell you what the movie is about.  Based on the first novel in Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, The Girl with the dragon Tattoo follows a shamed news reporter  Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig), as he embarks in a once in a lifetime adventure. Blomkvist is asked to investigate the disappearance of a young woman who disappeared more than 40 years ago. Blomkvist is helped by the punk computer hacker, Salander (Rooney Mara).

With a run time of over two hours I thought the movie would drag on and become boring in certain scenes, I could not have been more wrong. It is an action packed 158 minutes filled with top notch acting and a plot to match it. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo stands out among the rest without the crutch of special effects.

The movie does, however, contain scenes of violence and graphic sodomy. I would not recommend this film for anyone with an overly weak stomach or those who could not make it through watching The Last House on the Left. I would give the film a 5 out of 5. And believe me I am not one to give high movie ratings often.

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