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Todd Haley, I love you

As an avid chiefs fan for most of my life, I think the organization is making a huge mistake by letting Todd Haley go. I am aware of the egotistical issues that took place involving Haley and Pioli; but that’s no excuse to letting him go. I’m sorry, I understand Pioli is a professional at what he does and whether i agree with Haley or not Pioli is his boss And the tension between them both isn’t something that will work well.

 Haley brought something different to the Chiefs Organization. Haley treated his players kind of like a high school football coach would. His attitude was something that I felt like NFL players needed because of the excessive arrogance that you would find in a locker room.  They play calling that he brought to the field was sketchy to say the least. But he got the team and fans to rally around what he believed in. He got the players to buy into the system and believe what he as a coach was trying to accomplish. Don’t, get me wrong the man had flaws with the systems he had.  I don’t believe he was the best play caller, being a new comer to the idea people have to realize that even coaches need to work out the kinks, just like a player would need to do.

It was his first year, give the guy a break. He would make mistakes but the pass plays he called would actually work if he didnt have such a joke as Matt Cassel playing quarterback, although Cassel came in through the new reign of chiefs operaters. I do think its a little ironic that Pioli, like Cassel, is also from New England. I have also noticed the grandiose amount of tension between Haley and Cassel. I dont know, sounds a little fishy to me.

Either way you put it, Cassel is still there when he shouldn’t be. Pioli is also still there who in my opinion is coddling Cassel like a little baby. The only person who really mad changes in my opinion is gone because he simply couldn’t get along with his boss. Which is what this really comes down too, it has to be. If was by the numbers, Haley would stay and Cassel would have been traded for a Jock Strap. Just like most sports issues now a days. Not settled by the numbers with out bias. But actually the exact opposite along with some politics and the classic who you know mentality.