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“How to Succeed in Business” Succeeds

Photo by Elizabeth Brown

We have a  musicals every year here at South, and in my almost four years I have never even thought about going to one, let alone cared. Sporting events have always been my thing; musicals never really caught my attention.

I am not saying that musicals aren’t as good as sporting events, but some people just do not hear about the musicals as much as the sporting events. I would have never thought of going to one school play in all my high school career until now.

Last night I went to the very first showing of “How to Succeed in Business,” our first school musical for this year. Now I will admit I only went because I needed extra credit in my speech class, but surprisingly I enjoyed the play very much.

The play “How to Succeed in Business,” is completely like its title. Now I know that sounds boring at first but the South muscial crew has a way of making it completely entertaining. The play is about Finch trying to get his way up in the business world by reading this book and telling him every thing to do on how to succeed. I will let you find out for yourself  if the tips Finch gets helps him or not. There are also “love” situations in the play, which always makes every thing more interesting if you ask me.

The lead actress Kaelyn Whitt who stared as Rosemary was very talented and well played for her part. Her singing voice really does blow you away. The lead actor, Richard Powell who plays Finch, F I N C H ( you’ll get the spelling inside joke if you go see the play), had an amazing voice as well and very humorous. Actually, the whole play was very age appropriate for teenagers and I continued to laugh all night.

I would be probably one of the last people to ever go to a school play, but I went and enjoyed every bit of it. If you are looking for a good entertaining comedy and great music, this is your chance. The play is not over yet,  for $7 tonight and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Give it a chance, you may be surprised how our school plays are actually worth it.