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Real World: San Diego

The Real World has been an ongoing reality television show for the past 26 years. There have been previous Real World shows that have been on MTV and haven’t been as interesting, but this season there have been more views.
This season is one of the best according to Erica Welch (12).

The real world is a filmed reality television show on MTV that shows you the “real” life of 7 stranger all put in a house for the summer.

“I just like watching all of the drama, it’s kind of entertaining to see how dumb the things they fight over,” said Austin Miller (10).

The cast this year really shows you the variety of personalities out there. There is Frank Sweeney, the bi sexual that is just now kind of coming out. Nate Stodghill, the goofy outgoing guy that is from Kansas City! Zach Nichols, the big athletic jock. Priscilla Mendez, the sweet and youngest out of all of them. Samantha McGinn, the lesbian that is completely confident in her ways. Ashley Kelsey the beautiful model. Last but not least, Alexandra Govere, the shy and talented artist.

“The variety of personalities really makes the house chaotic and mysterious at the same time because you never know what is going to happen,” said Welch (12).

If you want to watch drama that you don’t have to be a part of then this may be a show for you. The reality show is on every Wednesday at 9:00pm and the season is almost over so tune in!