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Rango: The Untold Story of the West

by ida patton

    In a decade where graphics and special effects are placed in the spot light, it becomes an endless struggle for directors and designers alike to create not only a visual master piece, but a film that will someday be hailed a “classic.”

    Rango does exactly that.

    If a critic can be trusted, then Rango should be on the top of your must see list, but if you are like me and a critics opinion does not hold much weight, don’t worry. Not only did Rango receive a whopping 89 percent approval rating from critics, but it also received an astounding 90 percent approval rating from audiences across the US, according to moviefone.come and If you are still not convinced take a look at the top notch cast that makes Rango what it is.

      From Pirates of the Caribbeans Johnny Depp to Zombie Land’s Abigail Breslin or even the unlikely Isla Fisher( most known for her role on Confession’s of a Shopaholic), Rango’s cast provides a punch and an extra reason to head out to your local theatre.  

    In the quirky animated western, Rango depicts the tale of a nameless house-hold lizard who defies the odds and comes out as an unlikely hero.

       When the nameless lizard finds himself stranded with only  heat and the sand  of the desert for company, he heads out in search of a populated town. Upon arrival, he realizes the town was nothing like he imagined it would be. He re-creates himself as a ruthless gun slinger with the misnomer of Rango(Depp).

     Rango’s new home, the City of Dirt, has gone dry with absolutely no leads on where their water supply has went Rango sets out to put an end the towns people’s struggle. Along the way Rango befriends a Lizard named Beans (Fisher), who has problems of her own. Whenever Beans gets upset she becomes motionless and remains that way for several seconds.

      Both Rango and Beans’ characters present problems that as humans we all posses. Fear and lies are a web created to cover personal insecurities, only true hero’s can over come them.
     Will Rango and Beans overcome their problems? Will the town pull together to find a solution to their drought and will Rango prove himself as a true hero? There is only one way to find out; go see Rango as soon as you can.
      I give Rango 3.5 stars for its superb cast and its ingenuity.