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Just for Kicks

by harrison white


      Pro Bowl wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, (formerly Chad Johnson) has come to Kansas City to try out for Kansas City’s new-look soccer team, Sporting KC.

      In a town where big name players are almost always exiting, (Zack Greinke and Tony Gonzalez to name a few) it’s nice to see a big-name player want to come to Kansas City for once.

     Ochocinco is a big play wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals with an even bigger mouth. His sideline antics have run from wearing a Future-Hall-of-Famer Jacket, to holding up a sign asking NFL to, “Please don’t fine me AGAIN!” Ochocinco’s antics even landed him a spot on “Dancing with the Stars” and his own show VH1 called, “The Ultimate Catch.”

       Where this guy goes, the media follows, which could be just what Sporting KC needs. Let’s be honest, most people had never heard of the Kansas City Wizards, and even less knew that they changed their club’s name to Sporting KC. But since the media got word of Ochocinco’s trying out for Sporting, it has been featured on a countless number of television and radio programs.

       Be it good PR or bad, it is getting Kansas City national recognition. Think of the popularity rise soccer would get if the team signs Ochocinco. Just putting him on the roster would sell hundreds of tickets and jerseys. If your favorite player decided to switch sports, why wouldn’t you want the jersey?

      Hopefully Sporting KC’s General Manager, Robb Heineman will see the opportunity that signing a Chad Ochocinco would bring. Let’s hope 8-5 stays in KC.