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The Office: Hit or Miss?

What in the world would be funny about a paper company?  I asked myself this same question before watching this hit TV show, but ever since March 24, 2005 NBC has been the talk of comedy, some would say because of a show that’s spread like wildfire: "The Office."    Some

The Thing about “Stranger Things”

People everywhere are obsessing over the new show “Stranger Things”, but what’s so strange that’s got everyone hooked? “Stranger Things” is a Netflix original TV series about three 12-year-old boys, Lucas, Dustin and Mike trying to find their missing friend Will. While they are searching in the woods on one rainy

“American Vandal:” An Impeccable Parody

“American Vandal” is a new Netflix original series set up as a parody crime-documentary, and it’s executed extremely well. As a person who watches many real crime documentaries I felt that this was a satirical, fun, and interesting take on the genre. We follow the story of Peter Maldonado (played by

Superior Entertainment Service

Cable television is what most people would’ve imagined when they think of in-home entertainment, but with the addition of Netflix and other streaming services, cutting the cord could become the new norm.