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Speeding into Spring Break

The week that every student looks forward to. The five days of bliss that every student cherishes the most. Spring Break. The two words, eleven letters, that bring so much happiness to every heart and soul. Well, as long as you aren’t a parent that has a kid in elementary

Travel Laws Changing For Missouri Citizens

     Starting in 2018 Missouri residents won’t be able to use their driver’s license as a form of ID at airports. Passports will be required for all travel, including domestic flights.     Missouri isn’t compliant with the Real ID act. Federal agencies and military bases don’t accept a Missouri license. The

Summer Travel; San Diego

Want to go somewhere this summer? Go to San Diego, the land of beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunsets. This place is anyone's dream vacation. On my last visit I stayed in a rented house where I was only a block away from the calm waters of Mission Bay, and only