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Unlocking her phone with a quick swipe of her thumb, Tatum Lierman, sophomore, has officially made the cautious decision to open up a world of possibilities. First she presses on Instagram, scrolls through, closes and switches to another social media, this is a daily cycle that consumes most teenagers. According

iPhone X-ceptional?

Apple is releasing the iPhone X on Sept. 22. The new iPhone will consist of new features like facial recognition, no home button, wireless charging and it is the celebration of Apple’s tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Junior Paige Devosha had a strong opinion about the new facial recognition feature.

X-pensive Technology

Apple is releasing their brand new phone called the iPhone X on Sept. 22, 2017 for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. The iPhone X has a lot of new features including face recognition, wireless charging and the home button is gone. Instead the whole front is the display. Many people like that

Newest Apple Products

Apple has done it again. They have released their newest models of the iPhone, the 6s and 6s plus, which will be available in stores September, 25.   Now it may look the same as the 6, but it has several updated features. The most advertised addition is the 3D touch.

In the nÜÜd

Rarely do you see someone carrying a modern smartphone without a case. Phones are hundreds of dollars and these new pocket computers are extremely fragile, so it only makes sense to protect them from the elements.

What’s New With IOS 7?

With Apple’s resent release of the new software for Iphones, IOS 7, many iPhone users are struggling to find where features are now located and what exactly IOS 7 can and can not do. Here’s a few tips and tricks so iPhone owners can start using IOS 7 with ease.