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Taylor Swift is dead? Conspiracy Theories

THEORY: TAYLOR SWIFT GAVE BIRTH TO A REPTILIAN   Exhibit A: Swift posted a short video on twitter, August 21st 2017, of a what looks like a newly born reptilian baby. A Redditor believes this is true as Swift hasn't posted a picture of herself in months--because she pregnant! You may be

An Even Better Gift

Taylor Swift came rolling into town September 21 and 22 to perform her “1989” concert.  Lots of people at South went to go see it.  However, there was one South student who was not able to attend the show. Emary Langhorn, senior, had to get a bone marrow transplant to treat

Welcome to KC, We’ve Been Waiting for You

Taylor Swift sells out two shows at the Sprint Center  Swifties everywhere will be flocking to the Sprint Center when Taylor herself comes to Kansas City. On Sept. 21 and 22 Taylor Swift will be performing downtown at 7:30 p.m. Natalie Masters, sophomore, says she is “most looking forward to Blank Space

CMA Awards

The CMA Awards aired Wednesday, November 9 2011 on ABC network.
*Only in country music will you find a host wearing a camouflage jacket