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South’s Rockstar Leaders

“P-A-R-T-Y. Party, party is on our side. Where’s the party? If the party's over here.” “Hey Burrito. Hey, hey, hey burrito.” “I went down to the river and I took a little walk.” “Hey MASC, how do you feel?” These were some of the many cheers that were chanted at Missouri

The Ones in the Background

There is one thing South takes for granted, and that is the people in the background. The people we forget to often thank for their time spent, their ideas used and their every effort to bring the school community together. STUCO have been working around the clock, behind every school event

Experiencing State with STUCO

“ Well on the first day we do icebreakers so we can all get to know each other. Then we do different workshops, we have keynote speakers, and on on the last day we are having a huge dance where colorful powder gets thrown on us,”
During Spring Break, for the first time in history, State for STUCO is being held at South.

Find a New Wake Up Call

Students are allowed to drink coffee in school, the one regulation is, that if that drink doesnt have a screw on top or another type of closeable lid it’s not aloud in the hallways