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5 Ways to Destress Your Life

5 Ways to Destress Your Life 1: Realize that stress does not control you Stress is a natural part of life that everyone experiences. From making college decisions, to studying for finals, we are all familiar with the overwhelming emotion. However, we must realize that this feeling is temporary. The time will

What do you consider a stress reliever?

Everyone has different ways to relieve stress, and there are so many ways out there to do it. Playing sports or exercising is a major catharsis for some. Others find it more stressful to play a sport.   Ashton Grieef, freshman,  said, “You get away from due dates, and you get to


  Imagine this: you wake up and go to school. After school you do a sport or activity that takes a good amount of your day. After that you come home tired, but realize you still have to do all that homework that is due by tomorrow.  After doing all of

Stress of School

We’ve all been stressed out at one point. It can be for a lot of different reasons, like fitting in, finance, family issues, or school. And it feels horrible, like you just got stabbed in the brain. When it comes to school, a lot of people have the same answers

Sleepy Time

Although doing your homework right away is avoided as if it is porcupine who spits fire, many students do it so they don’t have to sacrifice their sleep.

Say Goodbye to Stressful Mornings

Do you ever have those dreary, do-I-have-to-get-out-of-bed kind of mornings? Whether you have them once a week or every day, knowing a few strategies to tackle these early mornings will help you feel fresh and ready to take on the long seven hours of learning that lay ahead.