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Boy’s Baseball

Boy’s baseball headed down to the Ozarks this past weekend for their last baseball tournament of the season. Before taking the trip down, the team played against Raytown and won 12-2. A big win for the boys. At the Ozarks, they went 0-2 for the weekend. They played Camdenton High

South vs Staley Baseball

Park Hill South baseball team faced one of their biggest challenges on April 17. They put up a great fight against Staley High School who is known for their baseball talent and just won a tournament in Columbia. Staley has a lot of D1 talent on their team including great

How do you prepare for your event?

There are over 15 sports that students can participate in at South.  That means there are well over 15 different ways athletes can prepare.   One athlete at South tries to stay on the same routine through her entire track season. Senior, Jordan Lenz, focuses on getting a good amount of sleep

Nutrition and Diets of an Athlete

Behind every great athlete is their diet. Most good players have at least one or two things they like to eat before a big game. Addison Meehan, freshman, said that she likes to eat something healthy with protein before soccer games. She said she tries to cut out as much

Eat the Best and Play the Best

After a long, exhausting day of practice or a game, every athlete wants to run right to their fridge and devour everything they see, but how important is it to stay on top of your nutrition and diet as an athlete?   Depending on how active they are, teen athletes may need

What do you consider a stress reliever?

Everyone has different ways to relieve stress, and there are so many ways out there to do it. Playing sports or exercising is a major catharsis for some. Others find it more stressful to play a sport.   Ashton Grieef, freshman,  said, “You get away from due dates, and you get to

Anxious Athletes

All eyes on you.  The game comes down to this play, race, moment.   Your heartbeat quickens with every roar from the crowd and the tension builds up throughout your body.   These are nerves.  Nerves can be a common denominator throughout all sports, and everyone has a different way of handling

Stretched and Unstressed

Have you ever noticed how much your coaches are stressing you about stretching?   With spring tryouts coming to an end, the coaches are doing just that here at South. Students are starting to notice it even more as they continue to play.   “[They are] very upfront with trying not to harm

Chiefs Game Recap

The Chiefs won a crucial game on Saturday that placed them ahead in the AFC West. They beat the Chargers 30-13 at Arrowhead Stadium. Marcus Peters played hungry getting two interceptions.   This was Peters’s first game back since he got suspended for foolishly throwing a flag into the crowd against

Season Preparation Unique For Wrestlers

Strong preparation and dedication are required for every athlete to compete in their sports; however, wrestlers take it to a whole other level. Wresting is commonly known as one of the most physically demanding and exhausting sports in the world. To succeed as a wrestler, you need a combination of physical