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Sebastian’s Quest to Nationals

South sport’s keep succeeding as South’s own Sebastian Panambosa qualified for Nationals in Rock Climbing this past weekend. Sebastian will travel down ot Atlanta to compete for a chance to win the USA climbing National Championship. Sebastian has been working at ROKC for the past twoyears and with the help

Winter Guard season cancelled, looks forward to next year

“Being able to sit with friends, watching and listening to the music was an amazing time,” said Theresa Bender, Guard captain, about participating in the Bands of America competition in St. Louis last fall. After a fairly active fall season, Guard’s Winter season was cancelled this year, said Bender. Winter Guard’s

An Insight on DCI

    DCI (Drum Corps International) is a marching band competition that goes on every year. Many do not know what DCI is, but those who do, can’t get over it. DCI is a multiple hour long marching band competition that includes presentations of a numerous amount of marching shows.