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Dump the Trump?

"I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created." or "Free trade is terrible. Free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people. But we have stupid people," are both quotes of Donald Trump, and it has sparked some controversy in the campaign.  It is not secret

Pass,Set,Spike it all the way to districts

Districts, districts, districts! Everything on the Varsity volleyball team girl’s minds.   Nerves always play a huge part in the role of training and preparing in big games/tournaments that take place with South’s sports teams.   “Really it’s just the unknown, meaning if we will make it or not,” Anikka Welty, sophomore, says.   Competition always

South vs. Ruskin Football Game

South Football plays Ruskin on Friday at Ruskin. South hopes to pick up their first win of the year, after a tough 0-7 start. Though their record is not good, South is not and should not be an 0-7 football team. South has lost multiple tough, winnable games. Notorious for losing

Park Hill South’s Ping Pong Playas

A new sport is coming to South. Table tennis, ping pong, or whatever it may be known by is making a return to South after last year’s tutorial based ping pong tournament. This year however, there is a team being created at South to play ping pong. The student creators of

Spshhh! Soaked.

The new Park Hill South game, Assassin, will make students paranoid months on end    Students around South will compete in the live action game Assassin against each other for the $320 reward. Brandon Rice, senior competitor, said, “People try to shoot their target with a water gun and video tape it then

South Off to Hot Start

South’s C team soccer team has gone 8-0-1, including a shutout game against Fort Osage, 10-0.   The tie was against Raymore–Peculiar. The final score was 1-1. Joe Leluga, sophomore, is one of the players on the team. “The team practices every day that we don't play. Practice is really paying off, considering

Athletic Hallway Carpet

When students returned to South after a long summer break, they were greeted by an unfamiliar sight: carpet in the athletic hallway. Previously, South had tile floors from the commons to the end of the athletic hallway.   “The carpet was added this year, academically and athletically, to reduce annual maintenance costs,”

Ashley Madison Scandal

Which is worse, hacking and releasing millions of peoples’ personal information or creating an online account to cheat on your spouse?   Recently, a hacking group called “Impact Team” hacked into Ashley Madison, a website used by people in relationships to cheat on their significant other.   Impact Team gave Ashley Madison an

South Meets the State Court

South basketball has taken it farther than we have ever been in school history by placing second in division five at state. The love the team has for each other and the game can be thanked for getting them there.

Brothers United

Sports are a fun thing to watch as fans, but as athletes, there is one key thing that most fans cannot see by spectating, that thing, is brotherhood among athletes.

This Is Our House

The South Soccer boys took on our cross-town rivals, the Park Hill Trojans, on September 29th as the away team. The boys were confident & ready to win going into the game, and came out with, no surprise, another PHS victory! "I predict the score to be 2-1 Panthers in regulation. I