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He Said, She Said: Social Media

Questions 1.) How often do you use social media? 2.) What is your favorite social media site? 3.) What do you usually post about? 4.) What is the most annoying thing about social media? 5.) Do you feel like the other gender uses social media more than you?   Emilia Fernandez (Girl) 1.)Check it every day, I

Twitter Limits

When Twitter fingers found themselves running out of room in their Tweets, many users suggested implementing an extended amount of characters. It can be difficult to plant all your thoughts and ideas into just 140 characters (current character restriction per tweet). As Twitter becomes more and more popularized, the character limit

ISIS On Social Media

Terrorism has been on peoples minds since 9/11. Airports have cracked down on security, and basically every other place with masses of people is being eyeballed closely to find suspicious behavior.

Social Media Switch

The disappointment of notifications is one of the main reasons users have left the popular site in favor of newer, less crowded sites like Twitter.