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South’s Soccer in Recap

After a long season of boys’ soccer, the sport is winding down for the year. There’s no time better than now to catch up on what you missed and what to expect for next season. The main focus is the upcoming talent at South, though. While often overlooked, South’s freshman

Tryouts Ready

With spring sports beginning next week at South, and many teams are starting their preparations for the season, including girls soccer.   To prepare for the season, the team has had conditioning every Tuesday and Thursday and also morning futsal on Wednesdays. There has been a lot of girls coming out to

Size Doesn’t Matter: Taylor Evans

  Her name is Taylor Evans, sophomore. Taylor was one of 3 freshmen(the only freshman goalie) on varsity for the 2016-2017 season. “I felt very honored and accomplished when I made varsity, but I knew that my work had only begun for the high school season.” Evans said, especially because she’s planning

Something Knee-ds to Change

The sun shines brightly on the fall leaves, yet the field itself is in shade. The national anthem begins to ring out. The team in white stands tall, hands over hearts. The team in blue kneels, arms around each other’s shoulders. United. “We [my team] were hoping to contribute to the movement

A Shot into the World Cup

The men’s World Cup is something that nearly all soccer players have been waiting for. Since it only occurs every four years, the intensity will begin to pick up once 2018 rolls around. It has been very well known that Germany plans on coming extremely far once again for they

Soccer’s a Ball

As he dribbles the ball down the field, he hears the yelling from his teammates, the crowd cheering and the noise of the whistle from the referee. Isaiah Mcgilchrist, junior, is always practicing for soccer and waking in the early morning to get up and play soccer with his two teams. Mcgilchrist didn't

Raytown Soccer Goes Down

Park Hill South destroyed Raytown with a final score of 10-0 on Oct. 19. It was also senior night with 20 seniors being recognized. “I couldn’t stop smiling,” said Noah Brizendine, senior goalkeeper of the varsity team. The entire game except for the last 13 minutes was played exclusively by

Sweating Senior Year

Sweat drips down his face as he backs up into the goal, nervously waiting as the other team kicks and passes the ball down the field to score. As the other team kicks the ball for a goal, Noah jumps up and catches the ball. “Being a senior on varsity is

Sporting KC Play-Off Push

Sporting Kansas City is finishing strong in the Western Conference with the fifth spot on the table. The top six advance to the playoffs, so with Sporting at fifth they have a shot at winning the title this season.   Last weekend Sporting faced the San Jose Quakes on their home

UEFA Champions League

Every year there is one soccer tournament in Europe that captures the attention of soccer fans worldwide. It’s the UEFA Champions League, or also known as the UCL. The UCL is a tournament that typically lasts up to 11 months. With opening rounds starting in June 2015 and the final