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South Students Battle Icy Roads

Winter weather has hit the Kansas City area several times this season. Snowy and icy roads have complicated the morning commutes of drivers all across the metro. Several South students have been affected by the conditions. Senior Ewan Frick notes that his vehicle is not properly fitted for dangerous roads. “I definitely

Driving in the Snow

At this time of the year, snow is more common in Kansas City, the roads start to get really bad and lots of accidents occur. If you have a car and you live in Kansas City, you exactly how it is driving in these conditions in the winter, especially when it

Snow or Shine?

Students across South are experiencing confusion this winter season.  As is Kansas City, with at least three incorrect weather forecasts in the past month, misinforming many.   Whether these inaccuracies are positive or negative, it’s clear that snow days have been the talk of the town. In South’s case, a recent twitter

Snow Daze

After beginning second semester, many students choose to anxiously count the days they have left before summer break. Yet it is currently the middle of winter, and many students believe South may face the possibility of snow days that might throw off this countdown. Freshman Dakota Nelson stated that he “wouldn’t

Will Tuesday’s Snow, Hit or Miss?

3 years ago yesterday was the anniversary of Kansas City’s last 3 inch, or more snowstorm. That seems hard to believe considering we’ve had a lot of 1-2 inch snowstorms, but none above 2.3 inches, let alone 3. Tuesday may finally break this dry spell, but their are a lot