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“I Have No Regrets,” Girl Skips Homecoming

Senior Evelyn Martin didn’t go to the Homecoming dance this past Friday. When asked why not she said, “I just didn’t want to.” Martin didn’t go to the dance, but she did dress up. “I spent $60 on a mani-pedi, $75 on a dress, $40 on hair and makeup, and paid

Breaking: Juniors in Hallway Moving Slightly

  On Monday morning the Juniors who stand next to the art hallway during passing time announced they’d be moving one inch to the right to provide a better flow of traffic. “We all noticed that people had a hard time passing through the hallway on their way to their next class.

Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian

      Over the weekend, Jake Smith was so concerned he might be Christian he ran away from his home in Parkville, MO. Smith is very open about being gay, and his parents encourage him to follow his heart. Smith is afraid, however, his parents might have an opposite reaction when