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Girls Cross Country Heads into Post-Season

The Park Hill South cross country team is about to enter the 2017 championship season. On Saturday, the team has their annual “Rimrock” meet, which only the top 14 runners go to. Lauren Allison, senior, says that the previous race at Lake Jacomo was not her favorite. “I liked the

More than Running

Lace up your shoes, turn on your GPS watch, turn to your friends, and now you’re ready to embark an adventure. Running: something so simple that causes so much pain. Why in the world would people run all the time and inflict so much personal pain on themselves? What people

Track Season Preparation

Track season. Whether you love it or you hate it, it’s undeniably the most popular Spring sport at South. A few people gave some inside information on it. Ashton Amann, freshman, said he played baseball and ran cross country prior to track, and he wanted to try new things. “My

XC: Season Review

Cross country is all about running for a long distance.  They spend every day training and preparing. As the normal season comes to a close, the varsity season is nearly just getting started as the top competitors of the girls and guy teams prepare for the last part of the

Inside Scoop on PHS Cross Country

  South’s Cross Country Team won first in their meet against several nearby high schools on Sept. 19. This is the second time this year so far for them, so it was a huge victory.   Cross country doesn’t get much credit for their work, compared with football or soccer. Even though there

NYC Marathon

Although Sandy caused much damage, the NYC Marathon will be held this Sunday as planned.