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Burgers and Fries

As you walk in, the fresh smell of seasoned potatoes hits you like a train. You hear your stomach grumble and excitement feels your body in anticipation of the meal you are about to devour. Granite City is a food and brewery restaurant located in Zona Rosa. They have a great

Good Eats at South

It’s no surprise that eating out is very popular among South students. Eating out with friends after a big football game or study dates is definitely a favorite activity. The fast food chains and sit-down restaurants in Parkville are mostly likely where you’ll teens hanging out at after school. Luna

Rusty Horse Tavern Review

Although it may sound old, Rusty Horse Tavern is one of the newer restaurants in Parkville.  It has an old western feel, but still has a modern twist.  As for the food, it’s a whole different story. The Rusty Horse Tavern has food items that will send your tastebuds on an