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“American Vandal:” An Impeccable Parody

“American Vandal” is a new Netflix original series set up as a parody crime-documentary, and it’s executed extremely well. As a person who watches many real crime documentaries I felt that this was a satirical, fun, and interesting take on the genre. We follow the story of Peter Maldonado (played by

Rage Cage Pumping up South’s Fall Sports

The Rage Cage at Park Hill South High School has been a school tradition for many years, and helps motivate athletes this fall. They are a group of students who go to events to cheer on their team and support their school. The Rage Cage will attend Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball

South Falls Up Short Against Liberty North

Fall sports are now entering the heart of the season, and the South Soccer team has found themselves having a rockier start to their season than they expected. After 5-3-1 start to their season, the Soccer team went on the road to take on Liberty North on September 13. After

Volleyball Season Update

The Volleyball team is off to a hot start this year with a record of 7-1. After a tough loss Wednesday at Park Hill, there were obvious flaws in the team’s game, and the girls were quick to point them out. “Not everyone was on that night, and it just came

South Tackle Liberty North

The Homecoming football game is this Friday against Liberty North. Dance, Cheer and Varsity aren’t preparing any different.   One southside girl doesn't believe that the heat will get to any south team. She thinks that the heat will be a factor though.   Sarah Waller said, “The heat will be there

Making The Switch

South implemented a new policy this year that many students are uncertain about. The administration totally wiped out the old card system. The purple, gold and platinum cards are things of the past long forgotten. This year is drastically different. Instead of referring to GPA and attendance to determine rewards, it

Laptops Strike Back

Every high school student will have a laptop to use, starting this school year. This is big because prior years leading up to this, only elementary and middle schoolers had them. For those who didn’t have a laptop to use before this school year this helps them a lot. The laptops

He Said, She Said: Social Media

Questions 1.) How often do you use social media? 2.) What is your favorite social media site? 3.) What do you usually post about? 4.) What is the most annoying thing about social media? 5.) Do you feel like the other gender uses social media more than you?   Emilia Fernandez (Girl) 1.)Check it every day, I

Spring Break at South

Spring break is a highly anticipated vacation for some students roaming the halls at South. It’s a time where you can go on exotic vacations, visit family or just relax at home. Spring break is the second longest break during the school year, this means South students and staff get a

Boys Swim Through Conference

The South Swim Team will be going to varsity conference on Oct. 15. South has four teams in their conference and they are preparing highly for the win. Many swimmers believe that they are confident in their strokes and will do well at conference. Although all the swimmers do participate, they