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Will Tuesday’s Snow, Hit or Miss?

3 years ago yesterday was the anniversary of Kansas City’s last 3 inch, or more snowstorm. That seems hard to believe considering we’ve had a lot of 1-2 inch snowstorms, but none above 2.3 inches, let alone 3. Tuesday may finally break this dry spell, but their are a lot

The Cryptocurrency Craze

Tulip Bulbs, Dotcom stocks, Bitcoin? There will always be a new craze that everyone is flocking towards, but it almost inevitably ends in disaster. Bitcoin has made massive headlines this year, surpassing $10,000 for the first time ever, and even reaching $18,000 currently. This kind of growth is unprecedented, and has

3v3 Basketball Tournament

The first annual 3v3 basketball tournament will be held in the large gym during tutorial. This tournament is held by Student Council and it is single elimination tournament with a consolation bracket. The last two teams in the tournament will play a portion of the final game will play a

Playing Through Pain

Even though the Kansas City Royals won game 1, an even bigger loss occurred. Daniel Volquez, the father of starting pitcher Edinson Volquez, passed away just hours before his son was sent out to pitch in World Series Game 1. Daniel Volquez was 63 and died in the Dominican Republic from

52 and Counting

The past year our country has suffered over 52 tragedies in the form of school shootings. They occur in all different forms and leave everyone looking for an answer as to what caused such devastating events. Out of the total amount of shootings 21 have been colleges/universities, 15 have been high

BREAKING: Panthers Pounce on Trojans

Park Hill South, led by juniors Payton Meek and Hudson Welty, along with senior Anthony Woods, faced off against rival Park Hill tonight.  The game was close throughout the entire game, but the Panthers pulled it out, beating the Trojans 51-47 After starting out slow, the Panthers jumped to a 17-7