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“American Vandal:” An Impeccable Parody

“American Vandal” is a new Netflix original series set up as a parody crime-documentary, and it’s executed extremely well. As a person who watches many real crime documentaries I felt that this was a satirical, fun, and interesting take on the genre. We follow the story of Peter Maldonado (played by

Netflix is the New Cable

Who needs cable when you can endlessly stream whatever show you want whenever you want? Netflix has made its way into society, and now consumes teenagers’ days and nights, causing grades to slip and sleeping habits to break. Netflix was founded in 1997 but has recently become very popular, specifically among

Superior Entertainment Service

Cable television is what most people would’ve imagined when they think of in-home entertainment, but with the addition of Netflix and other streaming services, cutting the cord could become the new norm.

Black Mirror Review

Although Black Mirror a Television series, each episode has different actors and scenarios from the last. It’s a british series but you can find all three seasons on Netflix. I tend to hop around from different episodes not in any order, because it really doesn’t matter. This show is actually

Review on Scream

If you love horror movies and suspense then the show Scream is the show for you. It is full of suspense and makes you watch to watch more after every episode. It is about a man that goes around killing people at a high school. It all goes back to when

Review on The Blacklist

The Blacklist is a TV show on Netflix that I highly recommend. It is about a wanted fugitive all around the world named Raymond Reddington and he turns himself in to help the FBI catch other fugitives. But the only person he will talk to is an Agent named Elizabeth

Just One More Episode

Many students at South use Netflix almost daily, episode after episode, sometimes, season after season. You could be sitting there expecting to watch one episode and end up wasting five hours on a big chunk of episodes.