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BTS Who?

“They’re revolutionary,” says the biggest Beyond the scene (BTS) fan at South, Trezdon Davis. BTS has officially taken over. They're a seven-member South Korean Boy Band formed in 2013 but as of recently, have been gaining more and more fans from the USA. They’re a very talented group of boys that

Rising Star

“Cover of ‘Real Friends’ out now!” reads Ethan McWilliams’ Instagram Page. McWilliams, freshman, is a pianist and cellist taking a part in South’s Symphonic Orchestra as a freshman while still maintaining his grades in advanced classes. McWilliams started a YouTube channel with over 300 views a couple months ago showcasing his

Take Care 2

It’s that time of the year again where Drake fans try to predict his next potential project, and this time there are high hopes for something to put us all in our feels. This and other rumors spawned ideas of a Take Care sequel. Drake stopped by New Zealand on his

An Insight on DCI

    DCI (Drum Corps International) is a marching band competition that goes on every year. Many do not know what DCI is, but those who do, can’t get over it. DCI is a multiple hour long marching band competition that includes presentations of a numerous amount of marching shows.

A Musical Bond

Music has clearly shown ways the people are able to express themselves and speak for them when they can’t describe their emotions themselves.

Striking a Chord

Have you ever come home from a stressful day and wanted to sit in your room, wrap yourself in your music and forget everything that happened?

J. Cole V. Chance the Rapper

       Imagine this: loud music, people dancing and singing, crowds screaming and jumping, the bass vibrating through your bones. Who do you imagine singing at this hypothetical concert? Chance the Rapper or J. Cole?      Both Chance and J. Cole are touring their newly released albums this summer, visiting

4 Your Eyez Only

J. Cole is an artist who we haven’t heard from a while, and his new album “4 Your Eyez Only” finally released last week. Cole had a lot of expectations with the release of his new album, considering that his last release, “2014 Forest Hills Drive” went platinum with no