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2018 Oscars Recap

Alright, I’m not gonna talk about the Oscars as in the actual show. As much as I love movies I HATE watching the Oscars. I don’t care what actors and actresses wear. The host is never funny. I don’t care about the makeup and costumes and everything, and that’s most of the show. Just not entertaining…

Emotion in Movies

Movies open up all kinds of emotions for all kinds of people. You can laugh like you’ve never laughed before at “21 Jump Street”, cry a river of tears while watching “The Blind Side”, or cheer at the feats of Indiana Jones. These movies all bring up emotions, and each

Everyone needs a little help

You probably will need some help with the amount of tissues you will be bringing to this movie. "The Help" centers around African-American maids of the 1960s. This drama really focuses on the ups and downs of being “The Help” and how their lives changes because of one person. Viola Davis

Sports Movies Win Big

There are many different genres of movies, but sports movies are liked by many people, whether it’s based on a true story, or a comedy. Sadie Skinner, freshman, who is also a major sports fan, says that she really likes sports. She said that her favorite one is “Little Giants." It

Not-So-Super Hero Movie Genre

With the rise of movies like Deadpool and Suicide Squad, the new genre of not-so-super hero movies has gained a lot of hype behind it, however the question is will this new genre survive against previous films made by marvel such as the Avengers?   Many fans of the upcoming films

The Epic Face Off of Marvel and D.C.!

How marvel and D.C. Movies Compare. The Avengers, or Justice League? Superman, or Captain America? Iron Man, or Batman? All of these people seem like polar opposites, but what do they have in common? They all protect the innocent and look good doing it. Marvel and D.C. Comics have been producing superheroes

A Freezing Review of the Winter Soldier

Captain America has been a foundational part of Marvel comics. Throughout the years, it has claimed to be one of America’s favorite comic heroes. Since then it has been seen in movies, most recently in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.