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Insight on “The Intern”

Nancy Meyers brought yet another fun filled, family movie to the big screen called “The Intern.” 70-year-old Ben Whittaker, played by Robert De Niro, was a retired, widowed man. He was eager to jump at the opportunity to become a senior intern for an online clothing store. His boss Jules Ostin,

A Long Way From Home

           If Rihanna wasn’t talented enough, she shines bright like a diamond in this animated film. Accompanied by Jim Parsons, more widely known as Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”, they bring this story to life in the extraordinary characters and heartfelt comedy “Home”.            Rihanna plays Tip, a young

Film “Risen” has Risen

The PG-13 mystery/ drama film, “Risen”, came out on Feb. 19, 2016. Receiving a 52 percent review on Rotten Tomatoes, I was deeply surprised by the score when I saw the movie. Though this movie came out in February, I watched it on Oct. 29, the was a film free