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Why is March so Mad?

A universally unsolved question is this: What made March so mad? Was it the constant games going on, or how the best 64 teams in the nation are thrown in one bracket, or is it how it is unimaginable that a number one seed is going to lose to a

March Madness Breakdown

32 days, 63 games and 11.3 million crazed college basketball fans. That puts into perspective how crazy March Madness gets. But here we are again with the same question: who is going to take home the National Champion rights this year? In past years, there has always been a top dog

The Madness

A lot of things come to mind when someone says the word “March.” People think of spring, rain, spring break, warm weather and the month. But when some may think of spring and all of its benefits when it comes to March, but others think of something completely different; college basketball.