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A Perfect Mother’s Day

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your mom? Have no fear, here are a few ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift! DIY:  A good Mother’s Day gift is to make something yourself. Mom’s love a gift that comes from the heart. Something you can put together in a gift

Valentine’s Day: Meaningful or Overrated ?

Valentine's Day: a special time to celebrate love or another overrated commercialized holiday?   A variety of students from South have different opinions about Feb. 14. Will this upcoming holiday be filled with big teddy bears and chocolates or eye rolling and a slump of the Cupid blues?   How many annoying couples

The Case of the Language Frenzy

There are many things of worth in life and to Lilit Zadoyan, junior, family is one of them. Zadoyan comes from an Armenian-American family and her native language is Armenian. Armenia borders Turkey and is near the Caspian of the Black Sea. “Family get togethers happen all the time, like

Transgender Rights Under Trump

       On Wednesday, Feb. 22, Donald Trump revoked safekeeping of transgender students who wish to use their preferred bathroom regardless of gender. CNN reports that under the Obama administration, students had been able to use restrooms that correlate with how they identify. Transgender students can still receive protections, however,


  Know the hashtag reasons to love me in 4 words? Well the newspaper staff did it! Happy Valentine’s Day! Elyssa: Always self esteem booster Palmer: I care too much MJ: energetic, fun, caring, athletic Tripp: Because I am great Garrett: My name is G-gasm Duke: I don’t care much Ann: I guess I’m nice Anna: Because I’m weird,

Experiencing the Women’s March First Hand

  It’s easy for someone to argue that using a hashtag won’t get you anywhere in the form of protesting, but when that hashtag is used in a march, it can have pretty substantial outcomes. On January 21, 2017, women and men all across the country, and even the world, joined


  Happy World Hijab Day! February 1st, World Hijab Day, is a day for Muslims and nonMuslims to experience the hijab. Many people around the world are wearing hijabs today to show solidarity with Muslims at this very turbulent time. Since the Muslim ban and the attack on the mosque in Quebec, people

Reign Review

  When browsing Netflix for my next fix, I stumbled upon the CW’s ‘Reign.’ Netflix gives a sparse overview of the show saying, “Mary, Queen of Scots faces political intrigue in the treacherous world of the French Court.” That overview alone made me not want to watch it for a long time.

Love is in the Air

Students in the Park Hill School District get Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, off this year. Some people chose to spend the day with the one they love while others go on with everyday activities.