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Speeding into Spring Break

The week that every student looks forward to. The five days of bliss that every student cherishes the most. Spring Break. The two words, eleven letters, that bring so much happiness to every heart and soul. Well, as long as you aren’t a parent that has a kid in elementary

Emotion in Movies

Movies open up all kinds of emotions for all kinds of people. You can laugh like you’ve never laughed before at “21 Jump Street”, cry a river of tears while watching “The Blind Side”, or cheer at the feats of Indiana Jones. These movies all bring up emotions, and each

The Generation of Saggy Pants

We’ve all seen it. Those people who wear their pants at their knees, constantly pulling them up as their walking. Unfortunately, they don’t do a very good job, and you, walking behind them in efforts to get to class, catch a glimpse of your worst nightmare: men’s boxers. Bleh. You

“American Vandal:” An Impeccable Parody

“American Vandal” is a new Netflix original series set up as a parody crime-documentary, and it’s executed extremely well. As a person who watches many real crime documentaries I felt that this was a satirical, fun, and interesting take on the genre. We follow the story of Peter Maldonado (played by

Spirit Week or Dreary Week?

On Saturday, Sept. 24, Homecoming will hit Park Hill South. The week before that is the famed “Spirit Week,” during which the students are given the option to dress according to themes assigned to each day. The themes are the following: Monday: Tame the Beast (PJ Day) Tuesday: Siamese Twin Day (Twin

Evolution of Dance

Dance has been a way people express themselves since the earliest humans walked the Earth. With so many possible combinations it’s no wonder the art of dance has evolved through the centuries. In the early 15th century “ballo” was very popular among Italians. The dance features several couples that stand

Just One More Episode

Many students at South use Netflix almost daily, episode after episode, sometimes, season after season. You could be sitting there expecting to watch one episode and end up wasting five hours on a big chunk of episodes.