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2017 Homecoming Dance Gets Mixed Reviews

Students throughout Park Hill South have had a variety of opinions on this year’s Homecoming dance. The students did not hold back on what they believed went well and what did not go well at the dance that took place Sept. 16. Homecoming is a highly anticipated event for many students

Homecoming: Fun or Failure?

The Park Hill South Homecoming Dance was just last week and many students were in attendance. However, some enjoyed it more than others. Of those students Allison Hermelink, sophomore, was one of many who thought that it was a great experience. “I had a lot of fun. I really didn’t have

A Night to Never Forget

Homecoming, a night to never forget, a night of happiness, excitement and a whole lot of dancing! On Sept. 16, South had their Homecoming, as kids from all over the city came to attend this great event. Homecoming is always a great way to get to meet new people, have fun

“I Have No Regrets,” Girl Skips Homecoming

Senior Evelyn Martin didn’t go to the Homecoming dance this past Friday. When asked why not she said, “I just didn’t want to.” Martin didn’t go to the dance, but she did dress up. “I spent $60 on a mani-pedi, $75 on a dress, $40 on hair and makeup, and paid

Outcome of Homecoming 2K16

  The hype about homecoming is finally over. South students took home memories they will never forget from September 24th. But some didn’t have as good of a time as others. Zach Nay, junior, said “They could’ve had better music, but I liked the dance because I make the best out of

HC? Go with me?

The Homecoming Dance took place on Sept. 24. With the dance comes finding a date. Thinking of a clever way to ask someone is just the beginning. Some students struggled with finding the perfect way to ask their date. Christian Holferty, junior, had no problem finding a creative way to wow

Spirit Week or Dreary Week?

On Saturday, Sept. 24, Homecoming will hit Park Hill South. The week before that is the famed “Spirit Week,” during which the students are given the option to dress according to themes assigned to each day. The themes are the following: Monday: Tame the Beast (PJ Day) Tuesday: Siamese Twin Day (Twin

The Ones in the Background

There is one thing South takes for granted, and that is the people in the background. The people we forget to often thank for their time spent, their ideas used and their every effort to bring the school community together. STUCO have been working around the clock, behind every school event

Handicapped at Homecoming

Homecoming: a night of overpriced dinner and sweet dance moves. But what happens when you suffer an injury after you’ve got a date and bought your clothes? Do you tough it out and go, or call it off? Several South students were put in this situation. The risk of going to Homecoming

Homecoming, Awkward or Awesome?

It’s your first high school dance. You started getting ready at 1:30 p.m., spent two hours talking to yourself in the mirror, stressing about all the responsibility you have. Will this dance meet the expectations? Three years later, you’re late to pictures, just out the shower 15 minutes ago. You’re

Expensive Homecoming Proposal

There are many ways to ask a girl to homecoming and most guys are trying to come up with the most creative ways to ask their special someone. Tate Summa, senior, went to an extreme to ask a girl to homecoming that costed him $240, but he says, “It was