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An Insight on German Club

The amazing friends people find in their years of high school have come from many different opportunities provided by the school. This includes many clubs, such as German Club. Connor Willis(Junior) said, “I’m just in love with it. I love German club. The people who are in German club, we’ve been

The Germans are coming!

On Monday Sept.17,  a group of German exchange students showed up at South. I had the privilege in meeting a few of them, like Tamina Helsesle. She said, “The food is a lot better, and has better variety. The classes here are a lot tougher then back home.” She also says that it

Two German Exchange students are new to South

German exchange students, Lisa Schellstede and Noah Neururer, have been in America for almost two months. Coming from foreign countries of Germany and Austria with smaller schools, to a new country with larger schools has been a transition for them. “It’s different, I felt that the first days were hard because