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Top 10 Conspiracies

10 Insane Conspiracies That Will Leave You Shook   Marilyn Monroe was killed by the Kennedy family to prevent publicizing the details of her affair with JFK. About 20 years after her death, Monroe's housekeeper claimed that Robert Kennedy visited Monroe on the night of her death and they had a

Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour

On April 27, Kevin Hart came to Kansas City to sell out the Sprint Center on his stand up comedy tour, titled, “The Irresponsible Tour”. Fortunately for me, as a fan of Hart, I was gifted the opportunity to see his show on that Friday with founders club tickets. Here

Indecent Exposure, Part II

Although a story like this has already been told, people everywhere get caught with their pants down.  From Jake Fisher to Maddy Vande Polder, the embarrassment doesn't stop, no matter who you are, and everyone has their own way of dealing with it. The elementary school years of one's life can definitely

The Hot Couple on Campus

“I was just walking into school one day when the male goose dive bombed straight at my head,” said Owens. “It all wasn’t fun and games anymore. It could have poked out my eye.”