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First Friday Adventure

  This past Friday I decided to go out with some friends and check out downtown on the night full of art and food. We had the best time. You basically walk around 18th-20th street and Main and you just get to see a ton of free art galleries. We parked

Worlds of Fun Lives Up to Its Name

There are lots of amusement parks in the country-- you have Six Flags, Disney World, and many more. One the country’s favorites is Worlds Of Fun. People come from all around the country to experience Worlds Of Fun. I don’t blame them; the rides are epic. Worlds Of Fun has its

Spring Break Exclusives

It’s about that time again: time for everyone to pack their bags and travel elsewhere for 10 days. Spring Break has always been something people look forward to during second semester. It helps people relax, gain some free time back, and helps them sort everything out before things get too