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PHS Girls Soccer

  With second semester here, that means spring sports are here too. Girls soccer is one of the few girls sports that occur in the spring season. There are many opportunities. If you’ve never played a sport before, soccer could be a great way to start. The girls are off to

South’s Soccer in Recap

After a long season of boys’ soccer, the sport is winding down for the year. There’s no time better than now to catch up on what you missed and what to expect for next season. The main focus is the upcoming talent at South, though. While often overlooked, South’s freshman

Freshman Football

The field flooded with sprinting purple,black and white jerseys. The ball soared in the air as South players rushed to it, just in time to slam into an opposite team player. The freshman players for South football have been working hard this season, setting goals and focusing on their abilities. Xavier

Freshman Fantasy Season

The final play of the season the ball was handed off and he was tackled after a 15 yard gain. This freshman football season was good, according to one of the A team starters Kellen Danielson and to B-team starter Steven Kern. The team went 6-2 and their last and

The Big Day

High School can be a fun part of a student's life, but before you know it is already time to graduate. Seniors at South are very excited to start a new chapter in their life, but are also very nervous about leaving and will miss some things about high school. Micayla

Back in the Swing of Baseball

Spring is just around the corner, which means spring sports are, too. Baseball is a popular sport at South and there were around 30 freshman that went out for the team at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough spots for everyone, but there are enough spots to fill

Dump the Trump?

"I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created." or "Free trade is terrible. Free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people. But we have stupid people," are both quotes of Donald Trump, and it has sparked some controversy in the campaign.  It is not secret

Freshman Football Season Comes to an End

The freshman football team's season has come to an end, finishing the season 2-6. Some players went up to JV, others' season was done. Some players were devastated, others happy. The freshman football team lost its final game 6-35 to Staley. The Freshman team finished the season 2-6, winning against William

The Beginning of the End

Fear. Arms sweaty, shaky hands, racing heart. Getting ready for a monumental day, one they will never forget.  Some step out of buses, some out of cars but they all brace themselves for what is about to happen. They make their way toward the daunting doors. They take a deep

South’s New Faces

A labyrinth of unfamiliar faces and classrooms crowd South’s hallways for many at the beginning of each school year. Being forced out of your comfort zone can be a challenge for anyone.