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The Managerial Approach

Football is a team sport. The teams-- Varsity and Freshmen alike --all depend on one another to have each other’s backs. A team is like a second family, and the most recognized in that family happens to be the players making names for themselves on their playing fields. Basketball is exactly

Freshman Football

The field flooded with sprinting purple,black and white jerseys. The ball soared in the air as South players rushed to it, just in time to slam into an opposite team player. The freshman players for South football have been working hard this season, setting goals and focusing on their abilities. Xavier

Kansas City Chiefs Beat Oakland Raiders 26-10

Last Sunday, on a very rainy Oct. 16 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California, the Oakland Raiders took a beatdown from the Kansas City Chiefs with a score of 26-10. The game started with Judith Hill, a contestant who was on The Voice and who has worked with

Freshman Fantasy Season

The final play of the season the ball was handed off and he was tackled after a 15 yard gain. This freshman football season was good, according to one of the A team starters Kellen Danielson and to B-team starter Steven Kern. The team went 6-2 and their last and

Chiefs Chasing Another Victory

After an exceptional performance last Sunday against the Jets, the Chiefs are hoping to pull out another win when they play the Steelers on October 7th. The last time that the two teams met was on October 25th of last year when the Chiefs won 23-13, but in the overall

The Importance of Friendship

       What is friendship? What do you think it means to have teamwork? The Southside Girls had a great perspective on what it means to work together. Each one of them said things that could change the way people look at each other when working together.    

South Tackle Liberty North

The Homecoming football game is this Friday against Liberty North. Dance, Cheer and Varsity aren’t preparing any different.   One southside girl doesn't believe that the heat will get to any south team. She thinks that the heat will be a factor though.   Sarah Waller said, “The heat will be there

Fatal Fantasy Football

What does September mean to most people? To the football junkies, it’s the time for competition. That’s right, it’s the start of fantasy football. To most people fantasy is not a big deal, but to some football fanatics, it is a huge event. “Whenever there’s money on the line I’m taking it

Sunday Nights Chiefs Game

The Kansas City Chiefs had quite the nail-biter this past Sunday. Not only was it the season opener but they came back from a 17 point deficit and beat the Chargers in overtime. That is the biggest come back in Chiefs history. They did not give up the whole game

Switching Gears from Athletic to Scholar out of College

Gobs of children get into sports as little kids when their parents start exploring different hobbies for them. A bunch more go on to play competitive for club and make varsity at their schools. But then only a handful of them develop a passion and the drive to go onto to

Chiefs vs Chargers Review

The Kansas City Chiefs won their fourth consecutive game beating the Chargers 33-3 in San Diego. This is now the third week in a row the Chiefs have won in a blowout. Another big win for the Chiefs as the playoff race begins to heat up now. The win moves