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First Friday Adventure

  This past Friday I decided to go out with some friends and check out downtown on the night full of art and food. We had the best time. You basically walk around 18th-20th street and Main and you just get to see a ton of free art galleries. We parked

Cannoli Craze

I’ve been a cannoli lover for as long as I can remember, eating them all around KC and my Italian household.   Recently, I found a new favorite spot: Mike’s Pastries in Boston, Mass.  Other than being approximately 22 hours from Kansas City, and a little too small in the interior’s

Eat the Best and Play the Best

After a long, exhausting day of practice or a game, every athlete wants to run right to their fridge and devour everything they see, but how important is it to stay on top of your nutrition and diet as an athlete?   Depending on how active they are, teen athletes may need

School Lunches

As the bell rings for lunch the time every students anticipates for every day is here. But is school provided lunch really the best option both nutritionally and price wise? Here at South, students see some of the same and new options daily at the cafeteria. These different options range from

South Students Go Crazy over Twisted Fresh

When you’re hungry and feel the urge to go out, where do you typically find yourself?     For many South students, Twisted Fresh is the place to go.   Twisted Fresh opened its third strand in the Northland in January of 2016.  That third strand landed right next to SmallCakes in Burlington Creek.

Burgers and Fries

As you walk in, the fresh smell of seasoned potatoes hits you like a train. You hear your stomach grumble and excitement feels your body in anticipation of the meal you are about to devour. Granite City is a food and brewery restaurant located in Zona Rosa. They have a great

54th Street is a Go!

Walking in the restaurant of 54th Street in Zona Rosa was different compared to other more normal restaurants.  I wouldn’t call it breathtaking but very unique.   Right when you walk in your eyes go directly up, where any item you can think of hangs from the ceiling.  From a car,

Raising Cane’s the new best thing?

Does the new Raising Cane’s really live up to all the hype people giving it? Last week I was able to experience the brand new Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers in Kansas City, MO. Opening up just over a week ago, Cane’s has been all the talk among people in the local

Pepper Jax Grill Pleases

When you think of a cheesesteak, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Does Philadelphia come to mind? Or does a delicious sensation of steak and cheese hitting your taste buds come to your mind? Well, lucky for you, at Pepper Jax Grill, you can get a delicious Philly

Open Lunches to Save the Day

It’s fifth lunch and your stomach is grumbling, but you can't manage to force your spoon full of notoriously hairy, cafeteria, mashed-potatoes down your mouth. The one thing you're craving more than ever right now is a massive, jaw-breaking, Champion Burrito, just five minutes down the road. So why is