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Fake It To Make It

Getting up early to do makeup and creating different looks is something many girls excel in, but what makes them want to add a touch of glow or wand of mascara?   Most makeup lovers are finding a way just to feel more confident and pretty proven by South students.   “Makeup makes

Oscars 2017 Fashion Review

  Ryan Gosling, Gucci and Christian Louboutin: We really like the ruffled dress shirt. He looks spicy af.  He is probably one of the few that can pull off the ruffled shirt.   To us, we would have never gone for the ruffled shirt, but it works for him: 8/10

Grammy 2017 Fashion Review

Rihanna: Umm…all I can say is, “YESSSSS GIRRRLLLL WORK IT!!!”.  Rihanna is one of those girls that can wear anything she wants and still be able to pull it off.  Rihanna is seen wearing Armani Prive and Chopard jewelry.  The orange pairs really nice with the her skin tone, and

Purrr-fect Fashion

Fashion is fun for everyone even when it comes to your pets. Your pets fashion could be from costumes to polo sweaters to pants to shoes. Animal fashion started booming in the 19th century when big manufacturing companies like Target and Walmart. But, animal fashion was still going on before

The New and Improved Fall Fashion

Whether you’re a fashionista or not, fall season fashion is back and better than ever! Many new styles are out this season, and they’re looking great.   Your typical fall outfit is jeans, boots, sweaters, flannels, vests, and scarfs. Every year, it is basically the same, but each year the style

Fall Fashion

Since it’s getting cooler many students are breaking out the wool socks, oversized sweaters and scarves. But every student has their own favorites for fall so hear it from some of the most fashion forward people at South.