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Something Knee-ds to Change

The sun shines brightly on the fall leaves, yet the field itself is in shade. The national anthem begins to ring out. The team in white stands tall, hands over hearts. The team in blue kneels, arms around each other’s shoulders. United. “We [my team] were hoping to contribute to the movement

Transgender Rights Under Trump

       On Wednesday, Feb. 22, Donald Trump revoked safekeeping of transgender students who wish to use their preferred bathroom regardless of gender. CNN reports that under the Obama administration, students had been able to use restrooms that correlate with how they identify. Transgender students can still receive protections, however,

Transgender Students gain rights at PHS

The Park Hill School District is now in full support of any transgender student that attends any of their schools. Any student who can get their parent’s permission is allowed to have their named changed officially in Powerschool, and can use their preferred restroom, where they feel most comfortable. Patch Hawn, is the