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Highway Taglines

When driving down the road, we see all sorts of signs, symbols, and phrases that pass by without being noticed. A license plate is traditionally a meaningless series of letters and numbers that mean nothing to the average driver. Such a mundane idea only stands out on rare occasions. Personalized license

South Students Battle Icy Roads

Winter weather has hit the Kansas City area several times this season. Snowy and icy roads have complicated the morning commutes of drivers all across the metro. Several South students have been affected by the conditions. Senior Ewan Frick notes that his vehicle is not properly fitted for dangerous roads. “I definitely

Driving in the Snow

At this time of the year, snow is more common in Kansas City, the roads start to get really bad and lots of accidents occur. If you have a car and you live in Kansas City, you exactly how it is driving in these conditions in the winter, especially when it

Colliding with the Test

You are at the end of a test, waiting to hear your score. You know you can get as low as a 70, but you also know more than four in 10 people fail their drivers test their first time. Failing the driving test is something many people experience when they