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Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour

On April 27, Kevin Hart came to Kansas City to sell out the Sprint Center on his stand up comedy tour, titled, “The Irresponsible Tour”. Fortunately for me, as a fan of Hart, I was gifted the opportunity to see his show on that Friday with founders club tickets. Here

The Office: Hit or Miss?

What in the world would be funny about a paper company?  I asked myself this same question before watching this hit TV show, but ever since March 24, 2005 NBC has been the talk of comedy, some would say because of a show that’s spread like wildfire: "The Office."    Some

“The Other Woman” Still Worth the Watch

Want to stay laughing and interested throughout a whole movie? “The Other Woman” put comedy and romance together and accomplished a well-put together movie. In this movie, there is a man that is playing three women. Those women soon come together and become friends and start to plan revenge on

Pitch Perfect 2 Review

The sequel to the 2012 movie “Pitch Perfect,” “Pitch Perfect 2” the Bellas are back, or as they would say. “We’re back pitches.” Ever since they won their first national title, the Barden Bella’s have been competing in a cappella competitions all around the country, until one little incident blows their