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The Madness

A lot of things come to mind when someone says the word “March.” People think of spring, rain, spring break, warm weather and the month. But when some may think of spring and all of its benefits when it comes to March, but others think of something completely different; college basketball.

College Life

College is a life experience that most seniors want to have. It is a place where you can learn from not only the classes themselves but can learn from other students. College is a social gathering where people can find themselves and make life long lasting friends. But with over thousands of colleges in the U.S., where do you go?

Stand for Sam

Michael Sam is the football star of the year at the University of Missouri (Mizzou). He recently announced his sexual orientation as gay, just over a month before he goes into the NFL Draft.

The World of College

College. This word can be daunting to some people. Students at South will move on in one to three years and they will have to make a decision on what they want to do with their lives. A popular choice is to attend a university or college and get a degree. But it comes at a price.

Looking Ahead

With the 2013-2014 school year in full swing, students move that much closer to graduating high school and moving on to bigger and better things.

College Decisions

“Deciding where I want to go to college has never been a hard decision for me. I have always been sure of where I want to go, what I want to do, and who I want to be,” said Helen Yeater.

It’s about that time..

With the month of October coming to a close, college basketball season is finally here. There are many things that fans can get excited about this season.

Not So Wild Weekend

Back to some local news on this weeks edition of College Corner. The Kansas Jayhawks yet again proved unworthy by barely beating the near awful Louisina Tech of Conference USA 13-10. The Jayhawks Big 12 schedule begins on Saturday at home against the rising Texas Tech Red Raiders, and despite the