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Big Kid With An Even Bigger Future

Have you ever dreamed about getting to play for a D1 college?   Starting off high school playing soccer as a freshman, junior Etinosa “ET” Reuben never would’ve imagined the 11 Division I offers he would be receiving after putting on his football pads sophomore year.   “I stopped playing soccer because I

The Big Day

High School can be a fun part of a student's life, but before you know it is already time to graduate. Seniors at South are very excited to start a new chapter in their life, but are also very nervous about leaving and will miss some things about high school. Micayla

Switching Gears from Athletic to Scholar out of College

Gobs of children get into sports as little kids when their parents start exploring different hobbies for them. A bunch more go on to play competitive for club and make varsity at their schools. But then only a handful of them develop a passion and the drive to go onto to

March Madness Breakdown

32 days, 63 games and 11.3 million crazed college basketball fans. That puts into perspective how crazy March Madness gets. But here we are again with the same question: who is going to take home the National Champion rights this year? In past years, there has always been a top dog

University of Missouri President Resigns

The president of the University of Missouri, Timothy M. Wolfe, resigned Monday morning. Wolfe resigned after a series of racial incidents. The racial incidents started in September when a student said that he was called a “n-word” by a group of men in a pick-up truck. The incidents continued when a

First College Football Playoff Rankings

The first College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night. There were many surprises, Alabama back into playoff position at the number four spot. The rankings left both Baylor and TCU out of the top ten, numbers six and eight respectively. Harrison Feaster, soph., said, “I think that the committee generally

The Long Lost Sibling

The day has arrived that you have to say goodbye to your best friend. You watch them get into their car and drive away. Then you start thinking about how different the house is going to be without them there. Maybe you get to switch rooms, or maybe you get the