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Favorite Candy during Halloween

  When I’m watching my favorite Halloween movie and I have assorted candy next to me, I always am reaching for the Reese’s Cups. I think it’s the perfect blend between peanut butter and chocolate that makes it so good. Reese’s are definitely the best candy, but if there isn't any of

Sweet Shop

Candy is a treat everyone has a sweet tooth for and can be found just about anywhere. But where can you find the best candy? Janae Hlavacek, freshman, likes the Chips Chocolate, in Crown Center, to buy her sweets. “It’s got chocolate stuff and fudge and I’m a chocoholic,” said Hlavacek.

Halloween Haunts

This time of the year is so fun for kids. Pumpkin patch, pumpkin cravings, costume shopping, jumping into leaf piles. Oh and of course most kids’ favorite: Halloween.